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Our Story

It's a Natural Farm is a small farm in Wyoming, NY.  Both owners are members of a farm family that extends over five generations.  We are continuing the family tradition but in a healthier and more sustainable way! 


We just started in 2014 and focused on five products:

free-range chickens, hops, vegetables, hay and alpaca yarns. In 2015, we will be adding pork and free-range eggs.  We're also experimenting with some herbs and sunflowers to sell at the farmer's markets.  In 2015, we submitted an applicatoin for organiz certificatoin and expect to be cerfied as organic in mid-year. In the meantime, we comply with all recognized USDA organic practices. We use only organically certified seed and plants. Our chickens and pigs are fed only organic chicken feed and are allowed to free range.​


What makes it organic?


Organic production means no synthetic chemicals, sprays, or fertilizers are used in the production of our vegetables.  We use sustainable agricultural practices by rotating our crops annually and using cover crops and compost to build nutrients in our soil. 




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